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May 26, 2008

Đám cưới nhà binh

Thanh Nga ” nang chieu 1 ” phim truoc 75′

Thanh Nga “nang chieu 2 “phim truoc 1975

Hung Cuong Mai Le Huyen”Hon anh Gian Em” nhac truoc 75

Hung cuong “nhung ngay nghi phep+dam cuoi nha binh”nhac 1975

Hung Cuong”thuy thu bien ca”(south Vietnam Navy 1974)

Hung Cuong “thienthan mu do” South Vietnam military 1973

Hung Cuong Mai le Huyen”Linh Du Len Diem”nhac truoc 75′


SaiGon truoc 1975 “hon ngoc vien dong”

Saigon truoc’ 1975 “Hon ngoc Vien Dong ” 2
Thanh Lan “tu do em buon ” South Vietnam Military 1972
Hung Cuong& Mai Le Huyen
Duy Khanh ” bong co may” nhac truoc 75
Truong Vu”Sai Gon thu 7 ” Saigon truoc 1975
Mai le Huyen”nho minh anh thoi ” South Vietnam Military 1970
Hon Vong Phu 1 & 2( ai Nam Quan ,thac Ban Gioc )
Duy Nam ” loi dau nam cho con ” nhac truoc 1975
Duy Khanh ” Dua em vao ha ” South Vietnam Military 1972
Cai Luong Ben Cau Det Lua – Phan 1


Vietnam: 1964-1975
South Vietnam An Loc battle 1972
Vietnam War – Ngo Dinh Diem on Geneva Agreement of 1954
South Vietnam Military 1973 (1)


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